20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

  1. They may disappear underneath leaves and snow, but around here we have a lot of car relics I’d love to see disappear! Mostly they just hang out in front yards!!

    1. the same here! For some unknown reason, if a car dies you don’t have it hauled to the salvage yard, you park it in your yard and let the grass grow up around it.

      Maybe it’s wishful “Some day I’ll get it running again,” thinking.

  2. I always wonder about these things when I come upon them in the woods, far away from any roads. I imagine crazy accidents, but more likely, there were homesteads in those woods in a bygone day.

    1. Me too. Usually when I come across something like this it’s not too far from an old logging road. Which was probably the “main” road back in the day. Some of them are so far away from anything even remotely resembling a road it fires up the imagination as to what the area was like so very long ago.

  3. Lovely shots of some old crap 🙂 I didn’t have the time to participate in the weekly photo challenge that week, but I’m back in action today with two posts on the same day. I hope you’re having a great summer Jeff and I’m looking forward to see photos from it later on.

    1. Thanks! Yes, NH sure does have plenty to offer those seeking to get off the beaten path. As a matter of fact, I just hiked Mt. Washington this past weekend.

  4. I bet this area of the photo was also a front lawn :). Nicely captured, and the balance of the photo brings out the rust. I hate seeing junk in the woods…but admit I like to take photos of it.

    1. Thanks Brandon. I’m right there with you when it comes to finding junk in the woods. Though for some reason finding something like this doesn’t bother me as much. Maybe it’s the history of it all. Quite often finds like this are surrounded by stone walls, and if I’m luck an old stone lined cellar hole. And if I’m really, really lucky, a family burial plot. All of this makes me wonder how hard it as for them to try to eek out a life, and then having failed just moving on.

  5. Loving these relics of yours 😀 I admire the composition and the overall effect. it amazes me how snow catches colour… Very pleasing on the eye….

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