33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Container

    1. Thank you Rusha. Water lilies are one of my favorite wildflowers to photograph. I’ve discovered something really cool about them too. Because they close up during the heat of the afternoon and then re-open again in the morning, often while looking through the viewfinder I can actually see them moving as they’re opening up.

    1. Thank you! Somewhat accidental, as at first I had no idea what I was going to submit for this weeks challenge. As luck would have it, I drive by my water lily spot every day on my way to work and so an idea was born.

            1. I’d say I spend the least amount standing upright while out photographing. I always bring knee pads with me because most of the time I’m on my knees and they save both my knees and pants. I also spend no small amount of time laying flat on the ground or getting in the water if need be. Rarely do I photograph the waterfalls I shoot from the river bank, everyone does that! If you come across a group of NH photographers at a waterfall, I’ll be the guy in the middle of the water, occasionally on my knees. 😀

    1. “Critical thinking,” I like that. I’m more apt to think of it as playing really loose with my interpretation of the theme, but critical thinking sounds so much better.

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