11 thoughts on “Is Wide The Only Way?

  1. I agree completely that wide is not always the way to go for landscape photography. At first I wanted as wide as possible as I was looking for a specific look. Once I got there then I started looking for other views and found that I enjoy wide for some shots and telephoto for others. This last weekend I was getting some sunrise photos and I took a few wide angle shots then swapped out my lenses with a 105mm and took a few more shots and found that they were both good shots. If I were to choose one lens to take though, it’d be my 24-120mm lens. But usually I have my 16-35mm and 105mm with me when I go shooting. The 105mm is nice because it is my macro lens which is also useful if I find something I can take macro shots of.

    1. Thanks Justin. I think it all depends on the scene and what you want to convey in your photos. Both super wide and telephoto each capture the same scene so differently that two photos of the same exact thing can have entirely different feels.

      Good idea having the macro serve double duty. Just because it has “Macro” printed on the side doesn’t mean that’s the only thing it’s good for.

  2. I find that the lens of choice depends every bit as much on the photographer and his/her vision as on the nature of the landscape. Most scenes can contain quite a number of very pleasing compositions for the one who takes the time to really look for them, rather than just at the whole and trying to capture it all in one shot.

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