18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!

    1. That was me playing around in Tuckerman Ravine taking a selfie. The photo really doesn’t do the place justice as far as conveying the size of the place. Not to mention that the big ball of blue ice most probably came from high up on the headwall behind me in the photo. Would have been impressive to have seen it fall.

  1. I can’t agree more – even took a bit of risk myself this summer 🙂 That ice rock climber caught my eye, and I thought it was you for a sec 😀 I have always admired your ability to shoot in snowy weather so early in the morning. Gorgeous gallery. These climbers on Cathedral Ledge look like puppets – what a view!

    1. Thank you Paula. I do love my winter mornings and evenings 😉 I’ve been blessed with a =very strong internal fire I guess. As long as the wind isn’t too bad there’s no such thing as “too cold to photograph,” as far as I’m concerned.

      And no, that ice climber isn’t me, as adventurous as I am I can’t get past the idea that the entire piece of ice I may be climbing could come away from the cliff face at any moment. Common sense tells me it’s unlikely, but still, you won’t see me hanging from a cliff any time soon 😀

    1. Thank you! Though I had it pretty easy being safe on the ground. Well, except for the rock climbers. I wasn’t out on the cliff face like they were, I’m not crazy! But it was pretty steep where I had to get to to get that shot.

      Anything for a photo, right? 😉

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