13 thoughts on “Photography 101: Triumph

      1. I’ve lived in NH for over 10 years and have hiked Mt Washington but have never been up to Tuckerman’s Ravine. I should put it on my 2015 Bucket List. I hear it’s fun when the skiers are coming down the head wall.

        1. I’ve been up in Tuck’s several times, usually in the early Spring and usually for sunrise. This past summer was actually the first time I’d ever seen the Ravine without snow. It looks very different, that’s for sure.

          Yes, it is quite popular with the dedicated ski crowd. I say dedicated because it’s a 3+ mile hike to the base of the bowl. And then you have to climb the headwall. All with your skis in you back. I hope to photograph the ski scene this coming year. The last few times I’ve been there the weather has been so bad that we not only missed our sunrise, but the skiers too.

    1. Actually, we were still on our way up when I made this shot. We took a much shorter route down as my friend was quite tired from the climb. And the 2:30 a.m. start time 😉

  1. He was still a few hours away from the triumph and joy of the summit ….. and probably not the easiest hours of that day

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