Looking Back,

                      Memories Of 2014

As the New Year begins I like to take a look back and share my favorite images of the previous year.

Are they my best?

That’s too subjective for me to decide. What they are is a selection of favorites from another year long journey looking through a lens. Most you’ve all seen before, some are being shared for the first time. One or two aren’t even all that great, photographically speaking. The stories that go with them as what make them special.

Without wasting another minute of your precious time, in somewhat chronological order, here are some of my favorite memorable moments from 2014.

(For your viewing pleasure, I’ve included a slideshow of these images at the bottom. Enjoy!)

-10°F, let me get my camera!

Whaleback In The Sea Smoke

Happy Hour begins at Three.


Temp., 0°F. Wind, 40mph. View, Awesome!

Lafayette To Lincoln Winter On Franconia Ridge.

White-out at sunrise? Fashion shoot!

Tracey, Adam, And The Weather In Tuckerman Ravine

Seeing in black & white. For the first time.

Riverbank 2

Getting high with new friends.

Hiking Life

Book covers.

Sunrise On The Boott Spur Trail

Hot air and silhouettes.

Silhouettes, Shadows On A Partially Inflated Hot Air Balloon.

Pink after dark, yes please.

Spending The Night Under Aurora Skies

Looking for fairies.

The Forest Primeval

Dawn in the wilderness.

Mountain Silhouettes. South Twin, The Bonds, Bond Cliff.



Golden mornings.

Morning Gold, Hampton Beach, NH

Lighting the way.

Morning Light At Portland Head

Blue-white and late day light.

Blue Hour In The Land Of Snow And Ice.

A room with a view.

A Room With A View

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you all for being my fans. I hope 2015 is an amazing year for each of you.

70 thoughts on “2014, The Best Of?

  1. It really has been a pleasure watching you grow as a photographer. So glad you’re getting recognized and published. Let’s hope there is more of that in 2015!

    1. It was, though not as cold as you might think. It was however cold, with some freezing rain a couple of days before I hiked the mountain the fire tower is on.

  2. I adore all your images, they have brightened up my world. Hard to pick out a favourite amongst these beauties but I do like the Aurora Tent (Pink) and the hot air balloons as one that is not a fantastic landscape. I look forward to seeing where your lens takes us this year. Have a good one Jeff 🙂 You are one extremely talented photographer.
    Jude xx

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you’re having a hard time picking a favorite.

      As for the two you did single out, the aurora shot was one of my most sought after shots of the year. I don’t normally do a lot of night sky stuff, but that is going to change in the coming year.

      With the balloon, I’m constantly pushing myself to see photographs everywhere. Landscapes are easy, get up insanely early, be there when the light is the best, press shutter button. The non-landscape subjects are not something I find as easy to see.

  3. the mist over the sea, the aurora upon your tent, the leaf with droplets and that frozen house are forever favorites of mine! I love seeing them every thime! thanks for sharing them again! Happy New year! and Happy Shooting! 😉

  4. what a glorious year you captured with your camera….that first shot is breath taking….and I just love the aurora shot with lit tent in foreground….your year looks like it was so much fun 🙂

  5. a delightful collection! i made the mistake of not backing up my files for a while, so all my favourite images of 2014 evaporated into cyberspace when my hard drive stopped working….
    a hard lesson learned well. but these views. thanks for sharing.

    1. Ouch! I’m so sorry to hear that! Fortunately I have yet to have an HD failure. Which is a very good thing because for a long time I was very lax with any sort of backups. Now I use and external HD and cloud backup as well.

  6. They are all breath-taking, Jeff, little subjectivity required 🙂 I think my absolute favorite is the Pink after Dark picture.Those pink lights dancing in the night sky are just so mysterious and surprising; particularly contrasted against the other two colors in the photo.

        1. No problem, glad to be of service. To be honest, you’re not missing much, at least as far as what we see of the aurora here in NH. Since humans don’t see color very well in the dark, all of the pink and green pillars of light you see in that photo looked like white pillars. Occasionally some of the green could be seen very faintly, but for the most part is was basically colorless.

          Fortunately digital cameras are not color blind in the dark.

          From what I’ve been told, if you get really far north, where the aurora is much stronger, you can see much more color with the naked eye.

  7. Fantastic set, Jeff! I really like the b&w and panoramic crop of the the stream and the book cover sunrise. All the best for a fantastic 2015!

    1. Thanks Pat. That B&W is one of the few images that I’ve actually “seen” as a B&W from start to finish. And the book cover was from last Julys hike up Mt. Washington. And it just so happens to be the cover image of a book of White Mountain themed poetry.

      Thanks again, I hope you have a great New Year as well.

  8. Happy New Year and best to you in 2015, Jeff! I remember some of these photos and am glad to see them again.
    That first one … is it new? It is incredible!!

      1. Sorry, it was just that I was finding it hard to leave a comment after I saw your collage.
        Each photo is so uniquely different and amazing on it’s own accord. Your photos touch me in ways that maybe one day I will tell you but for now just know that they brought me great joy.
        Thank you.

          1. Wow, really?
            Thank you!
            Now I got myself thinking of that line from the movie “As good as it gets” When Melvin fives her a compliment…
            MELVIN UDALL: You make me want to be a better man.
            CAROL CONNELLY: That’s maybe the best compliment of my life.
            MELVIN UDALL: Maybe I overshot a bit to keep you from walking out.

            My mind runs weird sometimes. 🙂

            1. Really! I truly enjoy all of the nice comment my images receive, but to hear that my photos may have more meaning or illicit a more deeply felt emotional response, that is wonderful. That my work, any of it could have that affect is humbling.

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