Just how grand is that landscape anyway?

Franconia Ridge From Mt. FlumeAre those mountains in the distance some of New Hampshire’s tallest, or just a few small hills? Without anything in the photo to provide a reference of scale it’s really hard to say for sure.

So what’s a photographer to do?

Simple, by incorporating something of a known size, like a person or a building into your photos you’re more easily able to give viewers a sense of scale in your image.

Fly Fishing At Sunset, Stonehouse Pond.

The fly fisherman standing in his canoe helps to give an idea of just how tall the granite cliffs along the shore of Stonehouse Pond are. (Can’t see him? Click on the image to see a larger version and look for the fisherman along the far shore towards the right side of the image).  

A lone hiker rests on his way to the summit of Mount Washington

Mt. Washington is the tallest peak in the northeast. Having my friend Glen, seen here taking a break on our way to the summit last July, gives an idea of just how big the mountain is. And how much farther we have to go before we reach the summit.

Washington And The Ravines Above Joe Dodge Lodge

Here’s another shot of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington, (the peak in the center of the frame), shown with the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Joe Dodge Lodge in the lower foreground. The lodge, the cars in the parking lot, as well as the roadway all provide scale to the mountains looming over them.

People and buildings aren’t the only thing to use to give a sense of scale. Anything of a commonly known size will work.

For more interpretations of this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge, click HERE.

19 thoughts on “Big, But How Big?

  1. I look forward to seeing your images Jeff, they are all so wonderful, though I have to say the Stonehouse Pond makes me drool. Such colours, such sharpness, such clarity and such reflections, and yes I had to enlarge it to see that fisherman! And there is ALWAYS someone in red that gets into my landscape shots 🙂

    1. Thanks you very much, Jude. I’m glad you like that one. I’ve been meaning to photograph this pond for some time but I keep overlooking it. I think it’s because it’s too close to home. I always seem to have my eyes looking towards the mountains or the seacoast, neglecting a lot of the very picturesque stuff in between.

      I’ve actually been trying to include more people in my landscapes, at least not actively excluding them anyway. I think it adds a bit of interest as well as being at least a little different from my normal photos.

  2. Wohooo I saw the fisherman! 🙂 I love all your photos but right now your first one is the one that I am more drawn to. Makes me want to go explore those mountains.

    1. Before or after you clicked on the larger image? 😉 Well you’re more than welcome to come along any time. I’ll be hiking those mountains again this year, so bring your backpack and sleeping bag!

    1. It’s even more impressive when you’ve actually seen the place and know how big it is. The cars in the lot do help a lot by giving a size reference to all of it.

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