Here’s what a very happy client has to say about her private workshop experience with me. Thank you, Nancy!

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Want to go on a photography workshop? You’re in luck — whatever your location, your subject matter of interest, your topic of interest, it’s not difficult to find something to suit your requirements. It’s then a matter of matching up the logistics — the where and when — with what you can afford to pay.

DSC3818 sI’m enamored with the New England coast. I’m a New England wannabe. Having spent years traveling to and photographing Rhode Island, I discovered the northern Massachusetts and New Hampshire coasts a little over a year ago. New Hampshire can boast of only 18 miles of coastline, but what an amazing variety of visual experiences it offers. How can a visitor from New York make the most of it in a short time?

Enter photographer Jeff Sinon. A member of the


prestigious New England Photography Guild, Jeff lives in the area and knows every…

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12 thoughts on “Photography Workshop with Jeff Sinon Does Not Disappoint

    1. I’ll be here when you’re ready. You don’t have to do a full weekend either. I’m available for half and full days as well. I live close enough to the mountains that either is quite feasible. And if the three private half day seacoast/night workshops are any indication, half day usually ends up being more like in the 6 hour neighborhood. I’m very generous with my time. 🙂

      1. Oh SO much fun we could have! I’m feeling the call of the coast, but anything would be great…. Just found out my job will run probably til late in July, not early July as I thought, so it won’t be right away, but it is on my mind 🙂

    2. Oh, when you do come down I’ll be playing with yet another new camera. Due to unforeseen but very good circumstances that have occurred since I bought my 7D MkII I found myself in need of a full frame camera. So a 5D MkIII will be in my little hands tomorrow evening.

      Know anyone looking for a very low mileage 7D MkII? 😉

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