18 thoughts on “The Last Train, Long Ago.

    1. Thank you. There is another old train depot in town that was actually converted to a house. It’s too bad this one is suffering a very different fate.

        1. Oh yes! I love finding old barns and other buildings to photograph. The closer they are to collapsing the better. I feel a stronger sense of history when I’m photographing something like this. The perfectly restored or maintained, even if they are just as old, just seem too “new.”

    1. Thanks, Laura. I’m just glad I was able to photograph it before it finally falls in on itself. Not sure how many more north country winters this place has left.

    1. Slowly but surely you are right. The lean of the building is accurate. I used my TS-E 17mm F/4L to correct for perspective and the keystone effect. All the lean you see is 100% the way the building is standing.

      It’s kind of sad really. As I mentioned in another reply, there’s another very similar old train depot in town that was perfectly restored and converted into a home. Too bad the Maplewood Depot wasn’t so lucky. My next trip to the area I’m going to be sure to photograph the converted depot for comparison.

  1. A worthy derelict, surely with many ghosts and stories to tell. Thanks for the explanation of the 100%-accurate lean. I was worried about your inherent sense of balance and plumb. Also, lovely tone-mapping. Of course.

  2. Stunning photos and sad that all this building became a state of broken down. Hope one day is will be repair to the former glory.
    Thanks and have a wonderful Wednesday.

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