Days grow shorter, night falls cool and crisp,

The landscape becomes awash in color,

A last show of defiance before white.

Autumn in New Hampshire is late this year, not according to the calendar of course, but when it comes to the spectacular fall foliage the region is known for, the north country is only just beginning to change. The conditions for this were set in motion in the spring and carry thru until now. But the color is coming…

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9 thoughts on “Seasons Change.

    1. Thank you, Cindy. I need to stop by this pond again soon. The fall foliage is finally coming in in my area after a very delayed start. New images of Storehouse Pond, and many others will be showing up here and on my fan page soon.

    1. Janet, the foliage here in NH is a good two weeks behind. I was up in the mountains with my daughter this past weekend and you’d never guess it was late September. Most places we saw had little more than a hint of things to come.


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