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About a month ago the good people at Sleeklens asked me if I would be interested in trying out some of their workflow products for Lightroom and Photoshop. I figured anything that could speed up my workflow was worth trying, so I agreed to take a look at their Through the Woods collection of presets and adjustment brushes.

Due to the hectic Holiday Season being upon us this is just a brief overview and my initial impressions. Stay tuned for a more in-depth review.

First a few words of disclosure. I am not in any way affiliated with, nor do I receive any monetary gain from using/reviewing/promoting their products, however I was provided the Through The Woods workflow bundle free of charge.  

Tools to help speed up your landscape workflow.

The Through the Woods bundle consists of 50 landscape presets and 30 adjustment brushes that can greatly speed your image enhancement workflow.

The presets are divided into 7 separate categories, All-In-One, Base, Exposure, Color Correct, Tone/Tint, Polish, and Vignette. The majority of the presets are stackable, allowing you to globally add effects to your photos.

The 30 adjustment brushes ranging from Add Golden Sun to Darken Shadows can be used to further enhance your images in a more selective fashion by controlling the size and opacity.

The results speak for themselves.

Below are a few before and after images, none of which took more than a few minutes to go from the straight out of camera before to the finished after.




Even though I haven’t had a chance to really dig into these presets and brushes, so far I’m impressed with the results I was able to get with just a few clicks and a few brush strokes.

For more information on the workflow products offered by Sleeklens you can visit them at the following links.

Through the Woods Workflow  This is the one I used for the above images.

Lightroom Presets Here you’ll find a complete collection of the workflow products offered by Sleeklens.

Image Editing Service If you’re too busy to enhance your own photos, or maybe you’ve got a photo you’re having a problem with, let the experts at Sleeklens handle the task for you with their image editing service.

The last word, for now.

As with any other Lightroom presets the presets offered by Sleeklens don’t all work perfectly on every image. Once applied you may need to go to the adjustment panel and play around with the sliders a bit in order the fine tune the preset to each individual image.

Are they worth it? To that I answer your question with a question, what is less time behind the computer worth to you? The Through the Woods collection sells for $39, and based on the time I can see the presets saving me is quite a deal.

3 thoughts on “Sleeklens, Lightroom Workflow Made Easy(er).

  1. Yea, there are so many programs like that , which do a global ‘improvement’ to your shot…you still however need the know-how to create a better shot through layers in PS in my opinion and most folk are not into that skill…so , these are harsh tools but in the right hands impressive enough.. Good post, my friend with excellent examples.

    1. That is the key to any post processing tool. First and foremost you need a good capture. Then you need to be able to recognize what the image needs in order for you as the photographer to realize the vision you had when you pressed the shutter.

      And as i briefly mentioned, these or any other presets or plugins don’t work perfectly on each and every image they are applied to. Not all of them are likely to math the tastes of a given photographer either.

      Finally, even when they do work really well they’re almost never 100% perfect as applied. This is where playing around with the various adjustment sliders comes into play. Whenever I get some new Lightroom presets I like to see what’s going on under the hood. Even when they work really well I’ll go into the various sections, HSL, Tone Curve, etc., to see what changes the preset is making, then just for the heck of it I start moving sliders around to see what happens and if I can improve on the preset. Often times if i find a preset that works really well but I’m always making the same changes to it, I end up tweaking the preset a little and then saving the preset with the updated settings.

Comments and thoughtful critiques are always welcome.

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