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Over the last two and a half months, you would have seen a series of interviews which formed Series One of Through a Photographer’s Eye. In each interview, we heard from a handful of Australian photographers and how they use Fujifilm X Series cameras to photograph the world around them.

Before Series Two of Through a Photographer’s Eye begins next week, let us take a look back at what advice was shared when each photographer was asked the question:

If you have some advice for someone starting out in photography what would it be?

Drew Hopper

Just get out there and shoot! It is not about becoming famous or having all the gear available on the market. It is about enjoying yourself and finding your own style. Shoot what you like shooting, and avoid copying the work of others with the belief that it will make you a ‘better’ photographer. It’s totally…

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4 thoughts on “Through a Photographer’s Eye: 9 Photographers Share Their Advice

    1. There’s always so much to think about when buying a new camera. I think the most important thing to consider is just how much camera you really need. The second most important piece of advice you’ll find when you get a chance to read the whole article is to just get out and take pictures. That for me is now even easier since “The Big Switch.” I find I’m taking my Fuji with me everywhere, whereas with the Canon it got to be a real chore to carry that thing around when I was only going out for a walk around town with my family or something like that.

      1. True. I recently switched back to my smaller lens because I believe my 18 -105 has some slight balance and mirror problem (I thought it came from the box but the problem disappears when I use the smaller, fixed lens). and now, I take the camera much more easily everywhere I go too. Besides, this lens forces me to look at things differently, so it’s already a great switch.

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