4 thoughts on “Through a Photographer’s Eye: 9 Photographers Share Their Advice

    1. There’s always so much to think about when buying a new camera. I think the most important thing to consider is just how much camera you really need. The second most important piece of advice you’ll find when you get a chance to read the whole article is to just get out and take pictures. That for me is now even easier since “The Big Switch.” I find I’m taking my Fuji with me everywhere, whereas with the Canon it got to be a real chore to carry that thing around when I was only going out for a walk around town with my family or something like that.

      1. True. I recently switched back to my smaller lens because I believe my 18 -105 has some slight balance and mirror problem (I thought it came from the box but the problem disappears when I use the smaller, fixed lens). and now, I take the camera much more easily everywhere I go too. Besides, this lens forces me to look at things differently, so it’s already a great switch.

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