Join me for a Weekend of Color in the White Mountains of New Hampshire ~ October 6th – 9th.



This years forecast calls for one of the best fall foliage seasons in a long time, and the White Mountains of New Hampshire are one of the most spectacular places to see and photograph the brilliant colors of Autumn.

Come along for 2 1/2 days during what is historically the peak of the fall color, where I’ll be taking a small number of clients to some of my favorite scenic destinations through the White Mountains Region as we photograph the beauty of autumn in New Hampshire.


From iconic New England white steepled churches, to grand mountain vistas, I’ll share tips and techniques for capturing the brilliant beauty of autumn.

mountain views, Zealand Valley in Autumn

What to expect.

2 1/2 days of guiding and instruction on photographing the northern New Hampshire landscape during the most colorful time of year.

We’ll start our adventure Friday afternoon as we head out on a short and easy hike to one of the most scenic views in New Hampshire.

Then we’ll get up bright and early Saturday morning to greet the sunrise. Afterwards we’ll go over the mornings images as well as some post processing techniques using Adobe Lightroom and the Nik Collection by Google suit of plugins. (Get the Nik plugins for FREE HERE*

Then, after the mid-day break to rest, recharge, and get a bite to eat, we’ll head back out until sunset.

Beautiful autumn color and a mirror reflection on Wildlife Pond.


What to bring.

Camera, – any DSLR, mirrorless, or advanced point and shoot will do – as long as it can be controlled manually or in aperture priority mode. I strongly advise learning how to change the various settings, Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, etc., BEFORE you arrive for the workshop.

Wide angle zoom lens.


Lens filters – if you have them, especially a good quality circular polarizer is highly recommended.

Backpack – a small day pack or camera backpack is fine.

Shoes with good traction – there will be light to moderate hiking on uneven surfaces throughout the weekend.

Headlamp – nothing fancy, but we will be walking in the dark either before sunrise or after sunset.

If you have any further questions about what to bring feel free to use the Contact page to get in touch or leave a comment below.

Your Investment.

Your investment in this weekend of foliage photography is $725 for the full 2 1/2 days.

New For This Workshop, Lodging is included! That’s right, free lodging. I’ve rented a house for the weekend so all participants can be under one roof. This workshop coincides with the Columbus Day holiday weekend, and for any of you who have tried to book a room during this peak foliage viewing weekend the cost of the workshop alone is less than what you may expect to pay for two nights lodging in the North Conway area.

Space Is Limited, so don’t miss out! Contact me to reserve your spot today!


*Nik plugins have been an integral part of my post processing workflow, however Google has chosen to no longer support or offer updates to these fantastic image enhancement tools. As such while they still work with the latest version of Lightroom, they are only supported in Photoshop up to CC 2015. 

11 thoughts on “Mountains of Color Fall Foliage Workshop.

  1. You make me wish I was young and full of that elixir of youth – boundless and sustainable energy, but mine started to get up and go around the time of my mid-seventies, so long treks are in the past for me, but I can admire from a distance and join in the praise and admiration of your photography. Thank you for sharing such brilliant pictures.

  2. Glorious images, Jeff. Love the one with the person on the rock enjoying the view. So sad about Nik– my go-to editing program, too. Starting to explore alternatives like Luminar but using Nik for as long as I can!

    1. Thank you, Jane. I was very disappointed about Nik. Not that is was a big surprise. I pretty much saw the writing on the wall when Google made it available for free. I started using both Topaz and ON1 plugins recently, both with great success. I figured I had better do something now while I can still use Nik with Lightroom, rather than wait until the last minute and be stuck running around like an idiot trying to learn something fast.

        1. It’s already too late for Nik and Photoshop CC, the latest versions no longer support the Nik plugins. So their days with LR have to be numbered. It only made sense to start learning something to replace them with while I still had time.

  3. Dang! I missed the sign up! I can’t wait to go shoot my own photos. I walked this morning, but didn’t bring my good camera. What was I thinking? Luckily, I live in New England! Your pictures are gorgeous and I can’t wait to see more!

    1. Thank you very much! While Foliage season and my scheduled workshops are winding down, I do offer private workshops year round. In case you’re interested. During “stick season” I tend to concentrate on seascapes while waiting for snow in the mountains.

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