Waterfalls on Ice ~ March 9-11

Glen Ellis Falls - Winter Beauty

Frozen waterfalls, what’s not to like? Click HERE for more information.

Glow In The Bowl, Sunrise In Tuckerman Ravine ~ March 25

Looking out over frozen, snow covered Hermit Lake, the headwall and surrounding mountains of Tuckerman Ravine glow in the pink alpenglow as the first rays of the sun hit the snow covered slopes. In the foreground is the weathered cedar fence on the shore of the small lake.

Tuckerman Ravine is one of the most spectacular natural features in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. When the headwall of the Ravine is bathed in pink alpenglow at sunrise its even more spectacular. The workshop is for the adventurous photographer experienced in winter hiking. Click HERE for more information.

White Mountain Waterfalls ~ June 1-3

Horsetail, Thompson Falls, NH

Two days of photographing some of the most amazing waterfalls you’ll ever see. Some have such an extensive network of plunges and cascades we could spend an entire day in one location, but we won’t. Unless of course you want to. During past 2 day workshops I’ve led participants to as many as a dozen different waterfalls over a two day period.

Click HERE for more info or to sign up.


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