Coliseum in the Forest.

Located along the Bemis Brook trail in Crawford Notch State Park, Coliseum Falls is one of New Hampshire’s most beautiful and unique waterfalls.

While far from the tallest waterfall in New Hampshire, nearby Arethusa Falls holds that distinction at nearly 200′, what Coliseum Falls lacks in vertical drop(roughly 25′ in total broken up over three section)it more than makes up for with it’s unique geology.

Another feature that makes Coliseum Falls worth a visit, is that you’ll often have it all to yourself. Along with Fawn Pool and Bemis Brook Falls, both also located a short distance from each other along the Bemis Brook Trail, their close proximity to the above mentioned Arethusa Falls (you actually start your journey to these falls on the Arethusa Falls Trail), means most visitors to the area hike right on by the Bemis Brook Trail junction without giving it a second glance.

Even when the parking lot at the trailhead is full of cars, I usually see few if any people at Coliseum or Bemis Brook Falls.

That’s just fine by me.

To be able to have this spectacular series of waterfalls all to myself is one of the reasons it’s high on my list of favorite New Hampshire waterfalls.

Note: when visiting the falls along Bemis Brook, ignore the signs when you get to the falls. While the sign at Fawn Pool is correct, Coliseum has a sign indicating it is Bemis Falls and Bemis Falls has a sign indicating it is Coliseum. 


14 thoughts on “Coliseum Falls

    1. Thank you, Jane. Funny you should mention that rock, on my most recent visit that rock was nowhere to be seen. We’ve had some pretty heavy duty thunder storms over the summer here in New Hampshire, as a result I’m sure that rock is somewhere further downstream.

  1. those are unlike any falls I’ve seen elsewhere. Really lovely strata and what looks like melting or folding of the ground. The water takes second place in most of these. Nice that you can enjoy them without crowds.

    Just a note: there seems to be a typo in one of your captions of Bemis Falls (At least I think it’s a typo)

    1. That’s what makes Coliseum Falls one of my favorites.

      Thanks for the typo catch too. Not only was there a typo, but I also had the wrong name attached to the falls. That photo was from my first visit and the title and description must have slipped through the cracks without being corrected. In that regard I’ve got half a mind to take a screw gun up there with me the next time and swap the signs out myself 😁

      1. The parks people there may be connected with the city parks board here. A beach I grew up on (well, not exactly; I lived up the hill from it) is mislabelled on their website. It’s in the middle of two other beaches. Although I was told the web labelling is determined by the street addresses (and when I checked the addresses they match the names I am familiar with) she insisted that there was no problem with the naming on the website, so I was wrong and didn’t know what I was talking about.

        I was not encouraged.

        You may find that the labels for the falls have been wrong for so long that there is little chance of changing them. But it may be fun trying.

        1. You gotta love bureaucracy!

          Funny you mention the signs. The current ones are in excellent shape and fairly new looking. But you’re right, they’ve been mislabeled for so long that whoever last replaced the signs just went with what the existing signs said.

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