Recently I started a series of questions on my Facebook page. The goal was to get people talking about photography. The gear, needs vs wants, why we photograph. Over the next week I’ll be posting those same questions here. I look forward to your responses. 

You’re heading out to take photos.

You’ve got your camera, a favorite lens, or two, or three.

What else? What’s the one piece of photography gear you never leave home without? 

I’ll start. 

The one thing I never leave home without is my tripod. I’ll leave behind lenses before I leave my tripod. It’s always in my car, and if I’m hiking anywhere my tripod is the first piece of gear to go into my backpack. 

What’s your one piece of photography gear you never leave home without?

12 thoughts on “Won’t Leave Home Without It.

  1. Not used to taking my tripod everywhere with me, so much so in fact that it is in France right now whereas I’m in Mexico… 😅😥😓😭
    Bad choice of packing gear when I did, I guess, ahahaha
    Because I usually regret not having it…

    I have 1 camera Nikon D60 (bought it in 2009 before the world trip and love it!) and 3 lenses, 2 of which I regularly use. Right now, I’m only using the most versatile of them lenses 18-105 with polarized filter.

    1. Sometimes you’ve got to make tough choices. As hard as it would be for me to do, if I traveled as much as you did, I think my tripod would be left home more often. Or maybe I’d buy a second, smaller, lighter, travel tripod. And never take it out of my suitcase. 🙂

    1. Thats a good one! One time I hikes 2 miles in to a waterfall on a day it was sprinkling. I was able to make two exposures before I got water on my lens. Of course my micro fiber cloth was back in my car, in the jacket I had just changed out of before I started the hike. That was the one and only time I’ve been without a lens cloth.

    1. LOL, I’ve got wicked OCD when it comes to batteries. Because I too have gone out with only one, and it wasn’t fully charged. On the plus side, I think that mornings photos came out better than they otherwise would have because I had to put more thought into every time I pressed the shutter.

  2. A camera bag with at least one lens, one ND filter, two spare batteries, a headlight, a remote trigger, and a tripod, is always in my car. But the one thing I always make sure to have with me is a spare CHARGED battery.

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