Cloud filled sky at sunrise over Portsmouth Lighthouse.

With a winter storm bearing down on the Northeast, with as much as 20″ of snow expected in some parts of New Hampshire, Saturday morning looked like it was going to be my only window of opportunity to venture out for a few photographs this past weekend.

So with high hopes I headed to the seacoast.

Unfortunately the departing clouds from the previous days weather front hadn’t finished departing. Looking towards the horizon it seemed I was in for a rather uneventful sunrise.

There was a hint of golden light on the horizon, so maybe I’d get lucky? So I set up my camera and waited. Soon even that would be blocked by the clouds, removing any remaining hope of a spectacular sunrise and fiery skies.

Maybe I should have slept in instead?

All was not lost.

Luckily, even though the sky towards the horizon was nothing to write home about, just a few steps and a turn to the left made it all worthwhile.

early light and dramatic clouds over the rocky shore of the New Hampshire seacoast

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4 thoughts on “Calm Before The Storm.

    1. Definitely, always turn around. No matter what’s going on in front of you, how spectacular the sunrise might be, what the light is doing on the landscape behind you could be even better. Thanks!

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