Black and white image of a birch tree in the forest. Long shadows falling across the snow covered ground.

Confessions of a (former) die-hard RAW shooter.

Day after day my Fujifilm X-T2 amazes me with the images I’m able to produce, especially the straight out of camera (SOOC) jpegs. Case in point, this wonderful winter scene captured using the wonderful film simulations built into the camera.

With my camera set to capture both RAW and jpeg files, more and more ( when it comes to black and white images in particular) I’m finding the jpegs are more than good enough. Even when it comes to paid photography work, quite often it’s the jpegs that get delivered to the client.

I never would have thought that I, a die-hard RAW photographer, would ever be shooting in jpeg.

Captured using the Fujifilm X-T2 with XF 23mmF2 lens, below are the in-camera settings for the image above:

Film Simulation: Monochrome + Red Filter

Dynamic Range: 100

Highlight Tone: 0

Shadow Tone: +3

Grain Effect: Strong

Sharpness: +1

Noise Reduction: 0

6 thoughts on “SOOC.

    1. Thats where the outstanding electronic view finder on my X-T2 comes in. What I see in the EVF is what the end result will be. I’m not one of those old school photographers who grew up with B&W film and the ability to “see” in black and white. But with my camera set to one of the monochrome film simulations I’m able to see exactly what the final image will look like, and whether or not it will even be a good monochrome image. And since I’m shooing in RAW + jpeg, I still have a full color RAW file to work with should I decide I like the color version better (or if I simply want to give people the option to choose for themselves).

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