Are We There Yet?

Last Saturday my good friend Suzanne (aka Chubby Hiker Chick) and I set out to visit Bridal Veil Falls in the Franconia Notch area of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. The hike was an easy 2.5 mile out and back with a modest elevation gain of only 1100′. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining, it should have taken us well under two hours to reach the falls.

Not if I had anything to say about it. Due to my stopping at everything that caught my eye it took a lot longer than it should have to reach the falls.

Distractions, Distractions.

Unfortunately for Suzanne I kept getting distracted by every little forest scene, shadow, and hole in the snow along the way. The low sunlight streaming through the forest was simply too good to pass up!

Every peeling birch tree, curve in a stream, and yes, even a hole hole in the snow revealing Coppermine Brook underneath, caught my eye and slowed our progress.

The near perfect roundness of this small, trashcan lid sized hole through the snow had me step off the trail into thigh-deep snow, and climbing down the steep stream bank to get a closer look, and a photograph.

We definitely weren’t going to set any speed records on this hike.

Eventually we made it to the Coppermine Shelter where we stopped for a quick snack before the final two tenths of a mile to the falls.


We did eventually make it to Bridal Veil Falls, and we were not alone. A group of ice climbers were taking advantage of the spectacular ice and the great weather.

After a few quick photos both Suzanne and I started getting a little chilly, so we decided to make our way back to the car. Unfortunately for her, even being a little chilled wasn’t enough to keep me from stopping along the way.

If my constant stopping was getting on her nerves, she hid it very well. Then again, her smile could have been hiding the fact she was plotting my demise. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Distractions Along The Way.

  1. Beautiful set of images. Made me realize that sometimes I need to take photo breaks even on work days. Monday would have been a great day to take a short hike into the Sourland Mountain Preserve for some “winter distractions.” But I opted to go to work (money). I am seeing your images filled me with regret. I may take a long lunch and go for that hike anyway. 🙂

    1. I feel your pain. I drive over a reservoir on my way to and from work every day that has great photographic potential. I only rarely have the time to stop for some photos.

  2. It was a beautiful day! The trees and crisp white snow were mesmerizing. It was a marshmallow world and hidden beauty just jumped out in front of you. It was so peaceful and quiet. The shadows were so lovely. The contrast just drew your eye vertically to a silent chorus of trees just waiting to be photographed, while the usually overlooked undergrowth spoke with such anticipation, pick me, pick me! You captured some lovely distractions!

    I rarely get time to myself, yet alone quiet, peaceful, undisturbed time with 2 little young men under foot. I enjoy the decompression of everyday life on the workshops and scouting trips I get to go on with my good friend. When I discover a new place with you, I add it to the list of places to go back to with my family to have a new adventure. I hope someday their eyes will be as open as mine when it comes to appreciating Mother Nature.

    It’s pretty neat to look at the photos I took (although, nowhere compared to the caliber of your photography) and see if the same hemlock or shadow caught your eye! Thank you for your encouragement, instruction and time. I look forward to more adventures with you and plotting your untimely demise. I promise to protect your camera!!

    1. Definitely! For the longest time I used to keep my camera in my backpack, taking it out only once arriving at my chosen destination. Since I really don’t like taking my pack off once I get it adjusted just right, something would really have to grab my attention in order to get me to take off the pack, dig the camera out, and grab a photo. Now I use the Peak Designs Capture Clip, which attaches to one of my pack straps. It’s just a matter of unclipping the camera whenever an image jumps out at me. No more missing the little things along the way.

  3. Such beautiful photos Jeff. I love the ones on the way down. That would have been my preferred direction on a cold day. The sun does look lovely though…

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