The early green of the falls hellebore plant line the banks of a stream. The water rushing between the banks.

Saying goodbye to Winter.

Yesterday at 5:58 p.m., Spring arrived in the northern hemisphere.

As much as I love winter, I’m really looking forward to the longer, warmer days.

Though it still looks like winter in many parts of New Hampshire, it’s slowly loosening its grip on the land as the days grow longer and the sun shines warmer.

Soon the rivers will run wild with Spring rains and snow-melt. The forests will start to change from dull and leafless to green and vibrant as the mountains and forest awaken from a long winter slumber.

Spring is a wonderful time to capture the ever changing landscape as it comes alive with new growth, changing in appearance from one day to the next.

Welcoming Spring.

The first thing I think of as the weather warms is, Waterfalls!

I’m looking forward to the rush of a waterfall, swollen with Spring run-off.

upper salroc falls randolph new hampshire

waterfall isinglass river gonic new hampshire

I’m also looking forward to wildflowers.

Not long after the snow is gone I’ll begin making regular visits to some of my favorite wildflower haunts. Things change quickly, with most wildflowers being short lived.

Some go from this…

To this…

To gone. Some, in a matter of a few days. So I’ll start checking early, often times earlier than I need to, but better too early than too late.

After a long and snowy winter, no matter how much I may enjoy photographing snowy mountain scenery, the onset of spring brings with it a renewed sense of urgency to get out and enjoy nature.

So, welcome Spring, you’ve arrived just in time.

5 thoughts on “5:58 p.m.

  1. Lovely photos! I am in florida, green is our favorite color lol not pretty most of the time but there are magic moments. 📸❤🌺

  2. Stunning shots, Jeff. I love the colours. So vibrant. The little white bells have all popped out from under winters snow. Soon it will be time hike to see the rue anemone. I can’t wait.

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