5 thoughts on “Spring Green.

    1. Thank you! It’s funny you should say that though. I was just digging through some photos on my hard drive when I came across this one. It’s far from my favorite image of these particular plants, which are a favorite of mine to photograph. Someone over on my photography page on Facebook said that this was her favorite photo of all the photos I’ve ever posted since she started following me. Go figure. Guess I need to go digging through the archives more often 😁

        1. Have you ever gone back through the photos you took on a given day, only to realize the one that grabbed your attention, the one you couldn’t wait to share, was not the best photo you made that day? Sometimes I think the work I share would be much better if I just left the photos alone for a month or two before posting any of them. I mean I often end up wondering what the heck I was thinking? The photo I couldn’t wait to share isn’t even close to the best one(s) I made that day.

          Hmmm, I think I may have an idea for a blog article:)

          1. Ha! Yes, it happens to me often. A lot of the photos I take especially of my garden, I share on Twitter and Instagram and I often scroll through my photos, whether they’re just on my phone or better ones from my camera, and think “why didn’t I share THAT one”! There’s the catch with instant posting. I’ll look forward to your post about it. 😊

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