closeup of cherry blossoms with brick paths and water fountain in the background
All good things…

The Gardens in Prescott Park.

Prescott Park, located on the waterfront in beautiful Portsmouth, NH is a place I’ve visited and photographed often, really, really often!

I’ve photographed there at night.

(please excuse the overly intrusive watermark)

Night time, long exposure, photo of one of the three fountains found in Portsmouth, New Hampshire's Prescott Park gardens. A large tree frames the left side of the horizontal image, as the vibrant greenery and red flowers along the brick pathway lead around the fountain. A street light outside the garden gives a starburst of light in this night time scene.

I’ve photographed there at sunrise.

(again with the giant watermark?)

early morning light in the gardens of Prescott park with the fountains flowing

I’ve even photographed there in the winter.

red house and snow covered cherry trees, prescott park gardens

But ever since picking up my first camera back in 2008, the one time I’ve never been able to photograph there was during cherry blossom time.

Not once, not in 10+ years!

But how you ask, could someone who photographs a place as often as I photograph these beautiful gardens miss one of the most beautiful time to be in the garden? To tell you the truth, I ask myself the same thing each and every year! Each year I’ll see photos of this spectacular event as they’re posted to social media, and each year I tell myself, “next year.” Then next year comes and the bloom occurs mid week when I have my day job to think about.

Another possible reason I keep missing the cherry blossoms is that their bloom just so happens to be around the same time I’m gearing up for waterfalls. This time of year is peak time for waterfalls here in New Hampshire, and those of you who’ve been following along know I do love my waterfalls. Who knows?

All I know it I keep missing it!

But finally…

It Only Took 10 Years! (but who’s counting?)

white gate into the garden, brick paths, cherry blossoms, and fountains
the beautiful gardens in prescott park, brick pathways, circular fountains, and flowers in the beds,
cherry blossoms and brick pathways, prescott park gardens
white rhododendron flower and cherry blossoms, prescott park gardens


This year, finally, the stars aligned and I was able to make it down to the gardens in time for the cherry blossoms.

11 thoughts on “My White Whale.

    1. Thank you Alan, I am too. This year the photo gods were smiling on me by allowing the bloom to occur during the weekend, and for allowing me to remember to keep my eyes open for when it was about to happen. That last part was more important. I’ve been just as likely to forget about it as I was to miss it due to my work schedule. LOL!

    1. Thanks Steve. One of the things that keeps me most motivated in my photography is the thrill of the chase for the “perfect” picture. Knowing I’ll never achieve perfection is irrelevant, knowing there’s always something I could. have done better, or as in this case a time I needed to be there for, it all keeps me going.

      If I was able top capture every photo exactly the way I envision it every time I went out with my camera I think I’d get bored pretty quickly. If not bored, complacent.

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