Graveyard By The Sea.

Sand dunes as headstones.

The final resting place of some long forgotten creature, mammoth in size, perhaps prehistoric. Its bones exposed as the waves wash over its final resting place.

My eye is always drawn to the smooth grey-white surface of driftwood. Cast upon the shore by the last big storm, I often wonder how far it may have traveled on the waves?

Where was the forest from which it grew?

2 thoughts on “Bones.

  1. Jeff, this is your best thing ever. One could sit and meditate with your pictures and the text. A few days ago I saw the remains of a birch tree that had fallen near the lake some time ago. I photographed it and gave it a name suggesting it was the remains of our lake’s answer to the Loch Ness Monster. But you’ve made such an inspiring project out of yours. Hey … shorelines do that to the soul.

    1. Thank you Nancy. I’m not exactly sure what it is about driftwood, but the really large pieces in particular always catch my eye and I always take a moment to grab a few shots of every interesting piece I come across.

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