One of the things I look for when planning a sunrise photo shoot along the seacoast is for a weather front to be passing out to sea. The hope is that the leading edge of the front will reach the horizon at roughly the same time as the sun, giving the sun a chance to ignite the underside of the clouds resulting in a fiery underglow.

For me there’s nothing more boring than a cloudless clear blue sky.

Unfortunately it’s just as likely the clouds will block out the sun before the clouds have a chance to catch fire. Or maybe, if I’m lucky, as in this image captured along the New Hampshire seacoast, there may be the briefest of moments where there’s a hint of color as the clouds before the sky goes completely grey.

You win some you lose some.

3 thoughts on “The Gamble.

  1. Beautiful shot. Would you use the same strategy of you were on the west coast trying to get a sunset shot, or would you go earlier, and hope the sun breaks through the clouds somewhere and it heads down?

    1. Diana, this strategy would work perfectly for sunsets on the west coast. The only difference is that you’d want to look for the tailing edge, as opposed to the leading edge of the front to be at or near the horizon as the sun was setting. So yes, it will definitely work. You’ll have one advantage over us east coasters too, if your gamble on the weather doesn’t pay off, you won’t have gotten up at some ungodly early hour! 😁

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