sunrise light illuminates the iconic profile of Mount Chocorua. The mountains summit peeking our from the morning mist, all reflected on the glassy surface of Chocorua Lake.
Reflections of Chocorua.

As far as fall foliage seasons go, the one that just finished here in New Hampshire can best be described as, WOW! The vibrancy of the colors painting the mountainsides was stunningly beautiful, the best we’ve had here in years.

Looking north from the summit of New Hampshire's Middle Sugarloaf Mountain, expansive mountain views stretch toward the horizon. The partially exposed summit of North Sugarloaf can be seen in the lower right corner of the image.
Mountains of Color.

Though I’ve been told I have a way with words, I’m not sure anything I could write would come close to adequately describing how spectacular the White Mountains were during this years peak foliage.

Hopefully these images are able to somehow show the beauty of the the place I call home.

 The frosty summits of Mount Guyot, North and South Twin Mountains are bathed in the pink glow of the first rays of sunlight.
First Light On Frosty Summits.
A full rainbow arcs across the sky over the brilliantly colored White Mountains.
Color In The Sky, Color In The Valley.
Looking down through brilliantly colored Evans Notch towards the distant mountains in the sunlight.
Evans Notch, Autumn.
Scenic Rocky Gorge, a spectacular waterfalls on the Swift River.
Autumn Falls, Rocky Gorge.

One of the things I enjoy most is not only sharing these mountains through my photographs, each year I’ve had the privilege of sharing this most excellent display of color with some amazing people who’ve attended one of my fall foliage workshops.

Sadly, as I write this the once colorful trees in all of these photographs are now bare, the last of their brilliantly colored leaves having fallen to the ground.

Fallen Aglow.

Luckily the mountains aren’t going anywhere and there’s always next year.

All images in this post were captured using a Fujifilm X-T3 with one of the following lenses: XF 16mm f1.4, XF 10-24mm f4, XF 23mm f2, or the XF 50-140 f2.8.

6 thoughts on “Mountains In Technicolor.

  1. Wow, indeed. And even a rainbow! What lovely pictures. And I have to enjoy the image of that line of photographers in front of that beautiful foliage and moody clouds.

    1. The colors this year were indeed some of the best I’ve seen in several years!

      As for that line of photographers, those were all of my workshop attendees. Had this been a weekend morning there would have been even more people there. Mount Chocorua is so iconic, so recognizable its image graces the back of the NH quarter.

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