mount chocorua autumn reflections on chocorua lake

When driving north on Rt 16 heading towards the mountains, there’s one mountain that comes into view that signals you’re almost there. That mountain is Chocorua. With a summit elevation of only 3,490′ it’s not the tallest peak you’ll encounter in the Granite State, that distinction goes to 6,288′ Mount Washington. But what Mount Chocorua lacks in elevation it makes up with a distinctly recognizable profile, one that can be seen from miles in any direction. A profile so distinct that when the U.S. Mint was designing the White Mountain National Forest quarter, released in 2013 as part of the America the Beautiful series of quarters, it was Chocorua that they chose to represent the White Mountain National Forest.

Though the view of the mountain from below is quite spectacular and a favorite stop for photographers visiting from the world over. With a view like these is it any wonder on any given morning there’ll be a few tripods set up along the railings of the beautifully crafted bridge?

In case you’re wondering, the views from the summit are indeed equally as beautiful. Maybe more so because you will have had to work a little harder to see them?

Comments and thoughtful critiques are always welcome.

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