If you walked up to this scene what photograph would you see? Would you immediately go for your wide angle lens (the wider the better??) in your desire to capture everything, to take it all in?

Or would you go right for the telephoto lens in order to tell a more intimate story?

Maybe zoom in even more?

Does a vertical composition speaks to you?

There’s no right answer here.

Plop 10 photographers down on the same spot, in front of the same view, and the resulting photographs will likely represent 10 unique visions.

The best part about photographing with other photographers is seeing what they see. Admittedly, most of the time I prefer to photograph alone. I can be a real “Chatty Cathy” when I’m with a group, as a result my creativity goes right down the toilet, (probably because I’m not focusing *pun intended* on the task at hand). However, I do thoroughly enjoy photographing with others on occasion, because it never fails to become a learning experience. Whether I’m leading a group on a workshop, or out for the day with camera toting friends, getting to see how others see can be enlightening. So many times as I’ve glanced at the LCD on the backs of their cameras my eyes have been opened to composition and subject possibilities that, upon looking back in hindsight seem so obvious. There have been so many, “How the hell did I not see that?” times. Yet it took seeing through someone else’s eyes before it even occurred to me.

What’s my point? I don’t know, is there one? Maybe I’m just babbling?

Maybe what I’m trying to tell you is to embrace your own vision. There is no right or wrong way to photograph. Be less concerned about how other photographers do it, and pay more attention to how your own eyes tell you to. But also, be aware of the other possibilities.

Or, I could just be babbling…

7 thoughts on “Do You See What I See?

    1. Thanks Pam. In this case I totally agree. With a sky like this there was no way I could pass up the wide angle shot. Had it been a cloudless clear blue sky I’m not sure I would have taken the wide angle out of my camera bag.

  1. Yeah — and on the other hand, I sometimes find photos that others think are just weird, but they turn out really well. And I find myself asking “how did they NOT see that?” But I have to admit that the percentage of shots I miss because I don’t see them far outweighs the others. I love all of these ones of yours.

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