Oh What A View!
Mount Willard, Crawford Notch, NH.

Finally, Some Time In The Snow.

Reading all of the recent reports and seeing all of the photos of the snow in northern New Hampshire, has had me eagerly awaiting my first “winter” hike of the season. Wanting to get my feet on the snow and my first snowy sunset of the season, my friend Suzanne and I set off this past Saturday heading north in search of mountains, snow, and majestic views.


Though I’m a fairly experienced winter hiker, Suzanne is not, and with extremely high winds coupled with temps in the low teens, I made the call to attempt a much lower, much less exposed summit for our adventure.

Trying to decide on which mountain offered the right combination of ease of hiking, protection from the weather, and a killer view as a reward, I decided on Mt. Willard for our adventure.

With the mountains in and out of the clouds all day we were unsure of what would greet us when we reached the top. On this day the weather gods were indeed smiling on us! The view was as amazing as I anticipated, with the most beautiful light illuminating the summits lining Crawford Notch.

That Light!

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