10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday.

    1. Me as well, which is a good thing. My goal had been the next peak over(Mt. Eisenhower) from this one(Mt. Pierce), another mile and a half further, but my legs wanted no part of it for some reason. So I decided to enjoy the light, capture a few images, and get an early start back down. All in all a successful day in the mountains, even if I wasn’t able to capture the sunset I had hoped from the mountain I had hoped to capture it from.

        1. Luckily for me winter hiking is quite popular here in New Hampshire, combined with the fact my day job only allows me to hike on the weekends, and the trails are usually pretty well packed down by the time I hike. Still, on this hike I did wear snowshoes, but only because the col between the summits of Mounts Pierce and Eisenhower(my hoped for final destination) is very exposed and windy causing some deep snow drifts along the trail.

    1. LOL, that is the last thing I would have expected anyone to have asked. The answer is that I’ve been playing around with the placement of my signature/watermark, and I must have forgotten to check the box in Lightroom’s export dialog to have it applied when saving web sized images. Oops 🙂

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