Isolation Project, Day 1
The Art Of Looking Down

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 I, like so many others around the world find myself out of work for the next two weeks as the owners of the auto repair shop I work at as my daily grind have decided to close down in an effort to slow the spread of the virus.

So what’s an out of work photographer supposed to do while practicing self isolation and social distancing? I’ve decided to start a person photo project, capturing at least one photo a day, all while staying in my own back yard.

Not only will this get me out of the house to prevent me from going stir crazy, it will also be an exercise in creativity.

Each day I’ll be venturing out into my back yard, or the surrounding woods, where I’ll do the best I can to make at least one photograph. They may not all be good. Hell, many of them might turn out to be downright garbage. But at least I’ll be out with my camera.

Isolation Project, Day 2
It wouldn’t be spring in New Hampshire without 4″ of new snow.

Join the project.

Have you been cooped up inside due to the coronavirus? Whether you’ve got two acres or a tiny postage stamp, a house in the country or a small apartment, it doesn’t matter, even if you cant leave the confines of your home, get out your camera and exercise those creative muscles. Make at least one photo a day for as long as your isolation lasts. Share it in a blog post with “Isolation Project” in the tags, or follow me on Twitter and use the hashtag #IsolationPhotoProject.

Lets see what you got!

36 thoughts on “The Isolation Project, Days 1 and 2.

  1. I wish I had your backyard…
    Self-isolated with my roommate in a 2-room apartment in Paris, currently going out once a week for the necessary groceries at the local/bulk/market places still open.
    Maybe this new project would do me good… although, I don’t feel I will find much to photograph…
    Will this challenge open my eyes in a new direction?

    Thanks for the inspiration… I’ll see what I can do…
    BTW, these first 2 pics are just awesome 😉

    Happy backyard wanderings!

    1. Jul,

      I hope you do this. And I would love notifications if you do. Do you have a website or a facebook page that you would be posting to?

      For those of us stuck in isolation in other parts of the world, anything of Paris (natural and manmade) would be a treat.

      May you be free to return to “normal” life soon. I have just finished my first week in isolation, and went out for a walk around the block today. It was lovely, although not long enough or wild enough. I want beaches, but we’ve been threatened that the beaches will be off limits if people don’t voluntarily stay away more.

      Be well!

      1. Diana, it’s day 10 of compulsory confinement in France. Only allowed out fir groceries in a 1-mile radius around home. If I do take the challenge, my pictures will only be about the apartment and the few streets around. Truth is, during those first 10 days, I only ventured out those 2 times I went looking for food; haven’t even been in the building courtyard. Fear of being healthy carrier is making me weary…
        “Normal” life is not in the cards right now but I do hope we all get out of this sooner than later.

        Thanks for your thoughts.
        Be well, stay home and stay safe.

    2. Thanks Jul, I hope you’re staying safe.

      Honestly, you really don’t need a big back yard to do this. Maybe you’ve got even a halfway decent view out one of your windows? You can even look for things around your apartment to photograph. I’ve gone looking for my camera when the light coming through the windows casts some cool looking shadows on the walls or floor. We also have some colored glass bottles on the windowsills in our kitchen that the morning sunlight shines through.

      How about the next time you go to the market, pick up some fresh produce and shoot some still life images, or perhaps maybe buy a bunch of flowers and photograph some interesting closeups or abstracts? The only limit is your imagination. 🙂

      1. Thanks, Jeff. I’ll try and do my best.
        … so much for fresh produce on the market stands: markets are closed since Tuesday, they attracted too many people in one place at one time and apparently safety measures were not enough.
        Fortunately, the greengrocer is OK to deliver so I’ll see if there’s any inspiration for a picture in the way he’ll present fruits and vegetables 😉

        The sunlight evidently is/will be my first source of inspiration.

        Talk to you soon.
        Take care and stay home.

    3. I also have to agree with Diana. The closets I’m ever likely to get to Paris will be through your images, so please, get that camera out and bring us some photos!

    1. If nothing else it’ll keep a lot of people from going nuts due to boredom. I’m already watching things on Netflix that only a week ago I would have never even considered. 😀

    1. Thanks! I’m one of the technicians. Ive been turning wrenches for a living for over 35 years. It’s what I do to help support my photography habit. At least until I become a world famous photographer and make my living with a camera instead, LOL!

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