Morning Frost.

Still “enjoying” my unplanned vacation from work I went outside first thing this morning waiting for something to catch my eye. Above is todays find.

Stay tuned for tomorrows Isolation Project image, and follow me on Twitter where you can share your images created in isolation using the hashtag #IsolationPhotoProject.

16 thoughts on “Isolation Project, Day 3.

        1. So very true. That world out there will be waiting for us when things get back to normal. For now I’m planning on being on a first name basis with every twig and leaf in my yard. LOL!

    1. It is still a bit chilly in the mornings. And in typical New England fashion, we just received 3-4″ of snow on Monday. Which is already all gone. The mountains got 8-12″ and will continue to be more winter like from some time to come.

  1. I love images like this, the small, overlooked bits and pieces on the ground. The light and of course, that frost, made it special, but even without those elements, I bet you would have done something memorable with this humble slice of ground.

    1. Thank you very much. Images like this are one of the reasons I absolutely love the Fujifilm XF16mmF1.4 R WR lens. Besides being an all around amazing lens, it has an unbelievable close focus distance that enables me to get up close and person with little snippets of nature, like in this photo.

        1. Absolutely! Ironically I’m on my second copy of this particular lens. Sold the first one and replaced it with Fuji’s outstanding 16-55, the thought being the flexibility of the zoom would come in handy when I’m photographing mountain running races. Not only did I regret it almost immediately, I realized that 80-90% of the time I was shooting at or near 16mm or I was at 50mm and above. For that I have my 50-140 F2.8 on a second body. So I sold the 16-55 and bought another 16. I wont make that mistake again.

          1. It’s strange, how we get used to lenses, or don’t, and how hard it can be to know how you’re going to use a lens. It’s good that they can be sold though. 🙂

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