And the rain continues.

The base of an oak tree with a few small branches full of golden leaves on a rainy day. Reddish brush fills the background.
Oak In The Rain.

As I continue with my #IsolationPhotoProject the rain continues, leaving me with yet another wet and soggy day here in my little corner of the Granite State. Again I find myself thankful for the weather resistance of my Fujifilm cameras. Todays image is brought to you by my X-T3 and the ever so lovely XF50-140mmF2.8 R WR.

Please feel free to join me with your own Isolation Project by creating at least one photo a day without ever leaving the confines of your home or your own yard. As the world continues practicing social distancing, there’s no reason your creativity as an artist should be left to flounder.

Post a link in to comments sharing your latest photos, or follow me on Twitter and share your images using the hashtag #IsolationPhotoProject.

11 thoughts on “Isolation Project, Day 8

  1. Were you able to make this shot at home, or is it one from your archives? Either way, it’s a lovely palette of colors and textures, and I really like that you’ve left that double dash of green spice. I have started an Isolation Antidote project as well. Though I’m not striving to add a new one to it every day, it’s an excellent opportunity to revisit the attics and cellars, as it were, and I’m finding some lost treasures in the process.

    1. Thanks Gary. All of the photos with the exception of Day 1, have been taken either in my yard or the woods beyond specifically as part of this little sanity maintenance project. Day 1 was taken very close to home and was the initial inspiration for the entire project.

      Initially I had also considered doing a little dumpster diving to bring some images from the archives into the light. There’s a whole lot of stuff on my hard drives that I haven’t looked at since I uploaded them.

  2. Do you actually go out in the rain with your gear? My camera being 10 years old, I’ve always been afraid of it catching water… I would go out and be very at ease with the idea.
    Fortunately, no rain in Paris so far…

    I love the colors in your backyard, Jeff! Admiring every shade…

    1. I do. Of course I don’t take it out if it’s pouring out, but I have no problem taking it out in a light rain.

      Even older cameras are tougher than you think. Obviously you should be much more careful with an older and likely not weather sealed/resistant camera and lens, but a little light rain shouldn’t hurt it if you’re only out for a very short time. I would recommend you bring a small towel with you to dry the camera periodically if you do venture out. Also, blot, don’t rub when drying the camera. Rubbing it dry has the potential to force water into places that you do not want water going. There are also commercial rain covers available for most cameras that range in price from a few dollars for what basically amounts to a glorified plastic bag, to considerably more expensive, well made covers. You could even make your own out of a plastic bag. One thing I wouldn’t do carry it around inside your rain coat. If you’ve got the coat closed up the condensation from your body heat could end up being worse than a few rain drops. Not to mention the possibility of fogging the lens or viewfinder so you cant take photos anyway.

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