sweet fern in golden sunlight
Sweatfern Sunlight.

Embrace the flare.

As many of you have noticed, or will come to soon, the shrubs that boarder my yard, known as sweetfern (Comptonia peregrina), have been and probably will continue to be the subject of many of the images in my Isolation Project. Maybe it’s a lack of vision or imagination on any given day that keeps me coming back to these wonderfully aromatic shrubs, or maybe its that I simply cannot resist the way the gorgeous morning light illuminates them?

One things for sure, you haven’t seen the last of my sweetfern.

How about you? Is there something in your backyard or apartment that keeps you coming back to photograph one more time? Let’s see it by posting a link in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “Isolation Project, Day 10

  1. With such beautiful light bathing them, I completely relate to you need to come back and photograph them again and again! I would do exactly the same!
    The bamboo leaves in front of my window may have the same effet on me but unfortunately are not bathed in morning light early… or maybe I’m not on their correct side, I’ll have to change my angle…

    1. It feels so much like cheating. When I walk out my back door in the morning to make each days photos, the way the early light hits the side yard makes it impossible to miss, and hard to resist.

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