Looking straight down on a wet oak stump with green moss and lichen on its cut weathered surface.

Another rainy day in isolation.

Today, while walking out back, in the rain, the pattern formed by the pale green lichen on the top surface of this long ago cut oak stump caught my eye. The vibrant green of the moss, combined with the lichen and the dark wet wood, made me want to attempt to make a photo. I’m moderately pleased with the results.

Likin’ Lichen.

If you’re making your own series of images captured during this crisis, please share a link in the comments, or you can follow me on Twitter and share them using the hashtag #IsolationPhotoProject

9 thoughts on “Isolation Project, Day 11.

    1. Thanks Gary, It’s nice to know someone enjoys one of my harebrained ideas. I never know what will catch my eye as I venture into the backyard and woods, yesterday is was a tree stump, LOL!

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