“Does anybody really know what time it is?”

The trees and brush sway in the wind, blurred by the use of a long exposure.
Let The Wind Blow

It’s Day 13 (at least I’m pretty sure it’s Day 13) What “day” it actually is, I’m not entirely sure. Now that my wife is working from home one day blurs into the next.

After being stuck in the house due to two straight days of rain, it was a joy to look outside and see the sun is finally out, and the wind blowing. As I sat down to enjoy my morning coffee I thought about the wind, wondering how it would effect the images I would make today.

Wind Spinner

As my friend Juls so thoughtfully pointed out, “you can’t control the wind and sunlight.” So, rather than fight the wind, I chose to embrace it. So along with my camera and tripod, I grabbed my 10-stop neutral density filter and headed outside.

Embrace The Wind

Let’s see your Isolation Projects. Post a link in the comments so I, along with everyone else can see what you’ve been doing to keep yourself occupied while we socially isolate. You can also follow along on Twitter and share your photos using the hashtag #IsolationPhotoProject

For those still wondering what my Day 12 image was of, here’s a better look.(Pay no attention to my bare feet 🙂 )

15 thoughts on “Isolation Project, Day 13.

    1. I’m glad you like it. I was a little bit on the fence as to whether or not to include it. Or even save it on my hard drive for that matter. I’m much less hasty when it comes to deleting images than I used to be. I’m much more likely to share them and see how they resonate with people, or at least let them stew a little and come back to them later to see if I still like them.

  1. See, you make everything look like art, blurred and bokeh included. That’s what I tried to do on Day 19… For some reason, I find that there is something lacking in my picture that I always find in yours… I don’t have my tripod with me, I’m not sure that’s the correct excuse 😉

    The colors of the wind spinner in contrast with its surroundings are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you very much. It could be as simple as the lack of tripod. For the obvious reason, that it’s hard to hand hold steadily during long exposures. Second, and for me I think the most important, using a tripod slows me down, I find I put more thought into the composition when I’m using a tripod. I just turn on the live view on the rear LCD and work the composition until I find what works for me. There’s a lot less “spray and pray,” hoping that one of a hundred images might be good, when you put more thought into it. At least that’s how it works for me. I tend to shoot a lot more when I leave my tripod at home, but I usually come away with better, albeit fewer images when I bring it.

  2. Funny that you talked about what would the wind do to what we tried to photograph… I did same yesterday while walking on a path in York and had been hoping the wind would just stop for a second… and no it did not… and yes I got blurs… but then deleted most of them… because it was NOT what I wanted… and probably should have kept more of them … to see the beauty with blurring…..

    1. I know your frustration! One thing I’ve tried to do is to not be so blinded by the photos I want to make, and be more open to what I’m allowed to make. The wind being a perfect example. There are days when I’ve gone out searching for glassy smooth water with mirror-like reflections. Even the slightest breeze can ruin that. I can either go home in frustration or find something else to photograph, something either not affected by the wind, or something that might be enhanced by a little movement. With wind I find that rather than fight it, I try to embrace it to the extreme, using really long exposures to accentuate the movement, to create abstract representations.

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