9 thoughts on “Isolation Project, Day 16.

    1. Very much so! for someone who doesn’t have one, it’s hard to understand the value of a good tripod. By good I mean something that cost at least several hundred to almost $1,000. It’s easy for people to grasp how spending that much money on a lens or the camera body itself can improve their photography. But convincing them that spending that same amount of money on an accessory that only holds the camera, can be a lot harder. I know it was for me. I learned the hard way, by first buying an inexpensive tripod, then when I soon got frustrated using that, I bought a better, slightly more expensive tripod, until finally settling on the tripod I’ve now had for almost 12 years. I would have saved close to $300 had I just sucked it up and bought the tripod I have now, first.

      1. I bought a great one a few years back but am so unused to lugging it around that I’m still not used to using it.
        I’ve tried a few times, especially for nighttime photography and suck so much at it that I’ve forgone it.
        Maybe I should first try it back at regular daylight low speed photography to grasp a hold at it all before moving back to shooting the full moon! 😉

        1. It is definitely work to carry it with you. But I think the benefits outweigh the extra work. Besides holding the camera steady, one of the biggest benefits for me is that using a tripod slows me down, causing me to put more thought into each photo. Rather than shooting randomly at every little thing, I find myself putting more thought into the composition as well as whether or not it’s even worth taking a photo.

          Of course if I’m just out wandering around without any purpose in mind, I usually leave the tripod at home.

          1. I completely understand what you mean and relate to it. I’ll have to learn and work with it. It’s back at my home in southern France right now, when I’m stuck in Paris, so I’ll make do for now; it’s definitely on my course of actions as soon as I get back there, though 😉

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