12 thoughts on “Isolation Project, Day 17.

    1. That’s the one thing that struck me most when I started getting more serious about my photography. I realized I no longer saw “things” when I was out roaming around, I was seeing how the light interacted with those “things.” And once I started noticing light and shadow, I started seeing photographs everywhere!

  1. IT is so strange to read blogs from around the world and to see people are coping with the lock down.
    I can reach the sea in 30 mins (not so fast these days). Much time spent in the garden and on the computer.
    Do visit me to view my walks!!!

    1. I am about the same distance from the ocean, however I wont be going, and adding to the already excessive crowds gathering along the New Hampshire coast right now. I’m limiting myself to only places I can walk to during this. I hope you’re able to get to the sea easily, without the crowds we’re experiencing here.

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