Becoming green.

Signs of Spring

As well as getting closer to getting caught up with this project, the green of spring is finally arriving in my gardens. Still nowhere near any flowers blooming, but several of the ornamental grasses in my gardens are starting to emerge, providing me with something other than the sweetfern that surrounds my yard to photograph(though this grass doesn’t look nearly as nice in the morning light).

7 thoughts on “Isolation Project, Day 20.

    1. I do not. Right now my lens collection consists of the wonderful 16mm f1.4, the equally amazing 50-140mm f2.8, and the 23mm on my X100S. One of the things I love about the 16 in particular is the insane close focus distance.

      1. Ah. I’m home (working remotely) like many other amateur photographers and getting bored. Your Isolation Photo Project and my own iPhone projects give me something to do while our lives are in the doldrums. I’m not out spending money at the restaurants and ales houses (aka. micro-breweries) or taking photography workshops so my wife suggested it would be ok to buy some photography equipment. I’m thinking about macro since street photography is not possible right now. Although I do have the XF35mmF1.4 on my list.

        1. I’ve read a lot of really good things about the 35. I had opted for the F2 version for it’s smaller size, weather resistance, and much faster AF speed. I ended up selling it, and the 23 F2, when I bought my X100S a few months ago. Neither was getting any use once I added the S to my camera bag.

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