Because you know, it’s New Hampshire.

golden late day light upon the forest floor
A Light In The Forest.

Yesterday I spent an hour or so wandering the woods behind my house. It was a fairly warm seasonal spring day here in the good old Granite State.

That was yesterday.

This is today.

new wet spring snow on the forest floor with small pine trees.
Because you know, it’s New Hampshire.

April in New Hampshire wouldn’t be April in New Hampshire without a snow storm or two. Or three.

Who knows, because well, it’s April in New Hampshire.

17 thoughts on “Isolation Project, Days 24-25.

  1. Illinois had snow, too, as one of my friends showed me in a photo she sent. Now that we’re in Arizona, we’re unlikely to see any of that white stuff at any time of year (at least where we are). I’ll miss it.


    1. That’s New England for you. Parts of the state got snow again last night and I believe there’s more on the way. It’s not at all uncommon in April to get 3″-4″ of snow one day, and be in the 60’s or higher the next.

  2. I really love that the leaves have been left where they fell. I imagine a lot of wild critters are loving that protective layer. Great photos!

    1. We have a little over 2 acres, with less than a third lawn, the rest is all woods left to do as it pleases. We really enjoy the wildlife that comes through our yard and we what them to feel right at home. If only the damn deer would stop eating my hostas! LOL!!

  3. It’s like last year in Switzerland!! Not like now, we haven’t seen rain for a month!! So strange… Makes the confinement a bit more difficult…
    Love the golden tones of these photos!

    1. It’s always been my opinion that boring weather leads to boring photos, so I’m not going to complain about going from one extreme to another.

      The light, especially in the first photo was indeed quite nice. When I made that photo I was aimlessly wandering through the woods and when I saw a nice patch of sunlight I would see if I could work with it. For the first photo I didn’t realize how much I liked the composition until I got home and started working on the photos. I was so intent on the way the light was falling on the forest floor, the composition took a bit of a back seat.

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