Happy New Year!

Awaiting Dawn.

My apologies for being a few days late. I was so preoccupied with putting together my end of the year post that I completely forgot to commemorate the beginning of the new one. Continuing a tradition I started over a decade ago I awoke bright and early on New Years Day and made the 45 minute drive to the southern Maine coast to witness the first sunrise of the New Year.

New Beginnings.

5 thoughts on “First Light, A Little Late.

  1. Those are great photos! I like the sun’s highlighting of those foreground rocks. Thanks for getting up so early so we can enjoy that sunrise, too.

    Awaiting Dawn reminded me of the isolation back-yard sunrise photo. Very similar, and both beautiful. (Even if the water is missing in the earlier shot)

  2. It used to be quite a tradition of mine too, what with living on Holbox island in Mexico and having easy access to the western beach for the last sunset of the year, and the eastern pier for the first sunrise of the new year.
    I haven’t succeeded in making a new habit back in France since the beach is on the west coast here : I went for my last sunset of 2020, though. The light was gorgeous.
    I love that it’s a ritual for you too.

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