Passion or Profit?

Do you photograph what you love or what will sell? A fairly simple question, but for those of us hoping of one day living the dream and becoming full time professional photographers, it’s a question that might not be so easy to answer. From the moment I sold my first print a thought occurred to… Read More

You Know You’ve Made It When,

People steal your work. I had my first solo show last night, 6/14, and this is one of the images that I really wanted to have framed and ready for the show. But the framed print was stolen from the lobby of the building where my framer has her studio. She unloaded it and a… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected

Since picking up a camera seriously for the first time about 5 1/2 years ago, a lot has happened that has been completely unexpected. There have been unexpected encounters with wildlife, one so close I could have reached out and touched him as he passed. One such encounter was unexpected, exhilarating, and terrifying, all at… Read More

2014 Jeff Sinon Photography Calendars Are Ready

13 Months, 3 Ways. My new calendars are ready for purchase, and this year you have three options. Best of all, the prices are lower than last year! Your 3 options are: Premium. Premium calendars are 13.5″ wide x 19″ tall, and are printed on 100# white gloss cover stock. Price – $22 Standard Standard… Read More

Photo Contest Rules – Read The Fine Print!

I’ve got the winning image, I just know it! THE perfect photo! So, there’s this photo contest, you’re so excited because  you have the absolute perfect image for it. There is absolutely no way any of the other entries could be as good as yours. You are going to win this!  It’s a lock, in… Read More

Watermarking Made Simple.

Make Your Mark I get a lot of comments about my watermark. Surprisingly, quite a few people aren’t sure how to create their own. Here, in my latest article for the New England Photography Guild, I explain how to create a simple text watermark using the tools available in Adobe Lightroom 4. I also tell… Read More

Alive, Alive, Alive!

Step right up folks! Prepare to be amazed! ~ Beautiful sunrises along New Hampshire’s rugged granite coast ~ Majestic wildlife captured in scenic forest settings ~ Delicate wildflowers dripping with dew ~ Windswept mountain tops captured in the frigid cold of winter ~ The etherial beauty of a gently flowing waterfall ~ It’s all here… Read More

Change Is Afoot.

Change is a good thing! For those of you who have yet to visit my portfolio site, or if you haven’t visited in a while, get a good look, because, today, August 3rd, is the last day for the old Jeff Sinon Photography. Starting tomorrow, the all new Jeff Sinon Photography goes live! For quite… Read More

Just Say No To Photo Credit!

Your photos have value, STOP GIVING THEM AWAY! Recently I was contacted by a design company working for the Chamber Of Commerce for -insert name of city here-,  putting together a “digest style brochure for tourists and people relocating to -insert name of city here, again-.” Would you be willing to “donate a few of your… Read More