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  1. Hi Jeff….
    Stopping by to seek some help as I have finally decided to buy my SLR and now confused between 2 models and which Lens to start with.
    Hope you can help me in choosing….let me know if i’ll put details here or as a mail using this contact form…

    thanks in advance…

    1. Hi Pooja,

      Let me know what bodies and lenses you’re looking at, and most importantly, what you like to photograph. I would also like to ask, do you REALLY need a DSLR? I only ask because I get asked the “what camera should I buy” question a lot. And with a little digging I find that about half the people would be better off with something like one of the Canon G Series cameras, like the newest model the G-16 http://bit.ly/1gfURZk These little beauties have the ability for full manual control, in a package you can fit in your pocket. I have a friend that shoots with a G12, and her photos are every bit as good as mine. And she’s not lugging around nearly as much weight.

      That being said, I wouldn’t give up my DSLR for anything. I like the flexibility having interchangeable lenses gives me.

      So, let me know what you’re looking at, and I’ll help if I can.

      1. Thanks a lot Jeff for your response.
        1. First thing I am looking at Canon EOD 60D and EF-S 18-55mm IS Lens kit priced at 43K INR (equal to 690USD)
        and same body with EF-S 18-135 mm II Lens kit at 17K additional price.
        2. As I have no idea about ay other lens I am not looking for any other additional lens but if you can suggest any it would be helpful.

        I am using Canon SX130 for last almost 3 years and now looking for an upgrade to learn more about photography.

        Do I need a DSLR or not….ill say I want to learn professional photography and thats the first answer. Second is when I see my pics I feel scope of betterment whether it can be zoomed a lil extra or can have a better focus, or can blur the background.

        In short I want to experiment more than I can do with my current camera…..(not sure if all above said is good to move forward buying a DSLR).

        Thanks again…..

        1. I thinks that’s a great camera, one you’ll be very happy with. As for lenses, I think the 18-55 is a good lens to start out with. When you’re ready to upgrade I can highly recommend the Canon 17-40L. That and the 70-200 F4L IS are to two lenses I currently use, and I love them both.

          However, I would not rush out and spend a ton of money on better lenses just yet. The 18-55 is a pretty good lens that you’ll be able to make very good photos with. But when you are ready, both of the lenses I mentioned are excellent choices. They are both great lenses for the money, and considering they’re both Canons high end “L” lenses their price isn’t too bad, but not cheap either. The 17-40 is around $800(US) and the 70-200 is around $1200(US$) the last time I checked.

          I you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

              1. Hello Jeff,

                After almost three years I am back with few more questions for you. I did not buy DSLR when I asked you first and worked with my earlier camera to learn more about basics of Photography concepts. And finally last November bought Canon 700D with 2 kit lenses (18-55, 55-200mm).

                With this camera I have learnt a lot in terms of using Av, Tv modes, manual and many more things. Now I am confused about what post processing tool should I look for. As of now I am using DPP that came with camera. And just now found Nik collection is one good and free software available. I am really with no knowledge as to how to post process pics and just work with contrast/sharpness/brightness.

                So can you suggest if I should spend money on Lr/Ps or rather learn with Nik/DPP or any other software.

                Thanks in advance for all your help and suggestion.

                1. Congrats on the new camera!

                  I would definitely recommend Lightroom over DPP for the simple reason there seems to be more online support, both free and paid for, when it comes to the Adobe products. I rarely use PS but rely heavily on LR. There is so much information online about how to post process images that is just a quick Google search away. The beauty of LR is that it is non destructive. What this means is that none of the changes you make are permanent until you export the photo. Even then the original remains untouched and you can at any time return to its original state.

                  Yes the Nik plugins are great, I’ve used them extensively for several years now. The problem is that Google has announced they will no longer support them. So down the road at some point as updates to Lightroom and Photoshop as well as computer operating systems are made they will eventually no longer work. In fact after a recent Photoshop CC update a friend of mine mentioned that they no longer work with PS. It’s been a week or so since I’ve tried the access them via LR, but the last time I did they still worked. As they are a plugin and not a stand alone program once LR/PS stop working with them there is no way to use them. Recently I’ve been using the ON1 suit of plugins and I also purchased the full suit of Topaz plugins. I didn’t want to wait until it was too late to learn something else when the day does eventually come that I can no longer use my beloved Nik plugins.

                  1. Thanks and hope I learn the new camera sooner to click good pictures with it.

                    And Thank you so much for the detailed information. LR is what i found on most of the sites when I searched for post processing tools. It does make picture look extraordinary.

                    ON1.. i checked that too. and found it can also be used as standalone application. is it good option than using only its plugins ?

                    1. I’ll be honest, I have only used the ON1 plugins. So far I like them. I’ve been using Lightroom for so long that I’m not really ready to change my workflow too much by using the new ON1 RAW converter. I’m sure it’s excellent and might be a viable option for someone who doesn’t already have an established post processing routine.

                    2. If I can do it anyone can. There is so much online info out there that you should be able to teach yourself how to do just about anything.

  2. I’ve been reading your blogs on Craftsy for a while now and I’m glad I discovered your WordPress site. Looking forward to reading more from you and seeing more of your beautiful photographs!

    1. Thank you very much! Sadly I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit lately. Writing for Craftsy, a full time day job, and taking, editing, and spending time with my family all buts a huge dent in my time.

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