Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

To capture the details it pays to get close. Among the many water lilies covering the waters surface I knew this was the one. Since It was raining the morning I took this I knew I wanted to get close in order to capture not only the detail in the flower, but to accentuate the… Read More

Isolating Elements

Normally when out photographing I focus on expansive landscapes, grand scenic views of the dramatic views in the mountains and along the coast of New Hampshire. On my last outing to the north country I chose to make images with a more limited view. Instead of wide open spaces, the majority of what I captured were… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Or as I like to call my morning in the woods getting these images, Muddy, Bloody, and Wet! Because I got a little, gave a little, and got some of the last too! I really need to start watching where I’m going! This is also a first for me I think. This is the first… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Today? The weekly challenge theme this week is “Today.” What am I going to do with that? What to photograph on a rainy day in New Hampshire? Too wet for any outdoor shooting, what do I have lying around just waiting to be photographed? I’ve been eyeing the vase full of peacock feathers I keep… Read More

Ice, Ice, Baby

Water, as a solid, as sculpture, as art. Spring is almost upon us here in the northern hemisphere, with warm weather, waterfalls, and wildflowers right around the corner. With these warm thoughts in mind, I hope these images send chills down your spine. Crystal Clear Or Icy Blue. I love to photograph ice. From frozen… Read More