Nice Legs!

All Three Of Them. – At night, even if I wasn’t trying to capture the movement of the water fountain, I’d need a long exposure for this scene due to the low light. That means tripod –  If you want consistently sharp, well composed photos, buy a tripod. I don’t care how advanced the image stabilization… Read More

The Value Of A Personal Photo Project.

What Is The Point? When I first became interested in photography, a little over four years ago now, I used to see so many people working on a photo project. 52 this, 365 that, and I wondered, “Why?” What was the point? Aren’t you just going to burn out and start shooting crap photos of… Read More

Originally posted on Paul Chong Fine Art:
What is Fine Art Photography? Fine art photography can be referred as photograph that is taken according to the photographer’s intended vision and creativity. It is also a masterpiece of art to showcase the artist’s idea through their desire to create something beautiful to be behold. Like the work of a painter through…

Four Years In The Making: The Perfect Baxter Lake Sunrise.

Attempt Number One. I love living on a lake, no surprise there. When I got my first camera, four years ago this month actually, one of the first things I knew I wanted to photograph was a sunrise over the lake. So one morning I grabbed my camera and tripod and went down to the… Read More

For Love Or Money, Why Do You Make Photographs?

(Also for the weekly photo challenge: Indulge.  As in, indulge my passion for photography and the outdoors) A Passion Is Born. About four years ago I picked up a camera for the first time. Well, not really the first time, I had dabbled in the past but nothing serious. Something was different this time though.… Read More

Be there, be seen.

Show your work, show your work, show your work. If there is one common piece of advice voiced by almost every professional photographer whose opinions I respect, it is this. If you want people to appreciate and possibly buy your work, you need to show it. And to paraphrase Rick Sammon, “you never now who… Read More

A Rush To Judgement….

Or, why it takes me forever to share images from a shoot. At least it should anyway. I love to share my images, plain and simple. Ever since the first person complemented me on my photography I can’t get enough. Who doesn’t like a great big boost to the ego every once in a while,… Read More