Don’t Forget The Foreground

A Place To Start. In landscape photography, forgetting to include a prominent foreground element can often make or break a photo. No matter how beautiful the scene in the distance is, if your foreground(or lack thereof) falls flat or lacks interest, often so to will the photograph. I look at the foreground as a place… Read More

Up Close And Personal

When photographing landscapes, especially with a wide angle lens, I often place my lens closeup to my foreground element. Doing so accentuates the prominence of your foreground in the composition by giving the illusion that it is larger than it really is. Below are a few examples of how I used a wide angle lens… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

    Caution: Objects In The Scene Are Smaller Than They Appear. Getting up close and personal with a wide-angle lens is a great way to play with perspective in a photograph. Placing the camera close to your foreground element, in the case of the image above, the “giant” boulder made nice foreground element. In… Read More