Falls of Winter.

Waterfalls, not just for warm weather anymore. Grab your winter coat and boots, pull on your hat and gloves, it’s time for some waterfalls, frozen and snowy waterfalls. For those of you who think of waterfalls only when the weather is warm, you don’t know what you’re missing. Here’s a short video shot clip of… Read More

Waterfalls in Winter

Waterfalls, Not Just A Springtime Thing.   I like to photograph waterfalls. A lot! And while most of my waterfall photography takes place in the spring and early summer, some of my favorite waterfalls look just as beautiful, maybe more so when encased in ice. The most striking feature of many of these winter waterfalls… Read More

Ice, Ice, Baby

Water, as a solid, as sculpture, as art. Spring is almost upon us here in the northern hemisphere, with warm weather, waterfalls, and wildflowers right around the corner. With these warm thoughts in mind, I hope these images send chills down your spine. Crystal Clear Or Icy Blue. I love to photograph ice. From frozen… Read More