Want Great Sunrise Photos? Get Up Early!

Rookie mistake #1 when photographing sunrises – show up just before the sun rises. When you should have been there at least 30 minutes earlier. While out photographing a sunrise I almost always have the place to myself. That is right up until just a few minutes prior to the sun peeking over the horizon. That’s… Read More

Photography 101: Warmth

“Drawing With Light” Photography is all about the light. No matter the subject, light is what makes a photograph. By using light you can create warmth.  I rely on is the sun. The sun and the way its light warms the landscape during the Golden Hours at the beginning and end of each day. Light… Read More

Using Light To Create The Illusion Of Depth

We see the world around us in 3-D.         Photography however is a 2 dimensional medium, height and width. Here, in my latest article for the Craftsy.com photography blog, I share some of my favorite tips for using light to add the third dimension, creating the illusion of depth in your landscape… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

The Magic Of Golden Hour Light.  Whether it’s being there for the awakening of a new day, or watching the sun as it bids you good night, the “golden hours,” the hour or so surrounding both sunrise and sunset, are when the magic happens. The best of this golden light, when the sun is low… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

It’s All About The Light. For the photographs I strive to make, one thing matters above all else. That one thing is the light. The best light is often fleeting, frequently lasting mere minutes. If you aren’t prepared for the best light, if you are unable to recognize its onset, you may very well miss out. Within… Read More