Exploring The Iconic.

  Motif #1. Reported to be “the most often painted building in America,” Motif #1 sits at the end of Bradley Wharf in Rockport, Massachusetts. Due to its popularity among painters and photographers alike, finding unique angles and compositions while photographing it can be a challenge. Make it your own. The most difficult part about… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

The Wrongfully Accused In the year 1692, during the months of June, July, August, and September, in Salem, Massachusetts, 14 women and 6 men are put to death. Their crimes? All are tried and convicted of being witches. 300 years later the names of those wrongfully executed were memorialized in granite. There were many more imprisoned under… Read More

Lest Her Gaze Befall You.

Journey with caution weary traveler. For it is All Hallows Eve and a witch is about.  Stay to the road and avoid the woods, being ever mindful of the sun. When the shadows lengthen as dusk draws near, it is wise to seek shelter for the evening. The night belongs to her. Should you find… Read More