Starry Night.

Loon Island Light. This past Sunday morning, really, really early in the morning, long before the sun was even close to rising, I ventured out onto New Hampshire’s frozen and windy Lake Sunapee. I, along with two camera wielding friends, Garrett Evans, and Tony Baldasaro were out to photograph a lighthouse under the stars. Nothing adds… Read More

New Hampshire Night And The Northern Lights.

There was a storm and then there were lights. Last Thursday and again on Friday, September 11th and 12th, the sun sent a blast of energy our way in the form of a coronal mass ejection, or CME. While these strong magnetic storms can cause problems for electrical grids, GPS, and radios, what interested me,… Read More

A Night At The Fair

There is something about the fair at night.  The fair at night feels more alive, more exciting, once the sun goes down. The barkers on the midway calling for you to “step right up…win a prize,” seem louder, more insistent, as they work to entice you to play their game. Brilliant neon and the too… Read More