The Changing Face(s) Of Jeff Sinon Photography

Remember that guy who said he’d never photograph people? Well we had to fire him. Turns out he(okay, it was me) didn’t know what I was missing and just how much fun photographing people can be. Not to mention the challenge of stepping WAAAY outside of my normal comfort zone and photographing a subject that talks… Read More

Capture The Color

Capturing The Color Again this year the great folks over at Capture the Colour are sponsoring their “Capture the Colour” photo contest.  And again this year I’m throwing my hat, er my images, into the ring. Not remotely as well-traveled as many of my blogging friends, my travel is usually confined to the wild and… Read More

Five Minutes To Sunrise.

Sunrise, and a five-minute walk. One of the things I love most about living on a lake are the ready-made photo opportunities it presents me with. Even when I have no set plans to go out making pictures, all it takes is quick glance out the window to have me reaching for my camera and… Read More

Before There’s Fire.

 There’s Blue. As a landscape photographer, I love good fiery sunrises and sunsets. A cloud filled sky that bursts into flame as the sun begins or ends its journey across the sky each day is something I hope for every time I head out to make photographs. However, I don’t just show up a few… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Footloose and fancy free, without a care in the world. Most people know, or at least assume, I’m a pretty serious guy when it comes to my photography. That is until they look at my feet. It’s pretty hard to take life too seriously while wearing my Fivefingers. I run in them, I have them… Read More

Going The Extra Mile

The World Is Awash In Great Photography.   In these days of digital and the internet, learning the art of photography has never been easier. With so much information available with just a few keystrokes, mastering the technical side of photography is pretty easy these days. Even the artistic side has become easier. Not necessarily… Read More

Portsmouth, NH Photo Walk

This Saturday, July 13th, I’ll be hosting my first ever photo walk in beautiful Portsmouth, NH. Colonial era homes, beautiful gardens, lobster boats, busy Market Square, plenty of things to keep your shutter finger busy. And that doesn’t include all the shops and restaurants! If you’re in the area please joins me for a fun,… Read More

Why You Should Choose Canon Over Nikon.

Or vice-versa. My advice for the beginning photographer buying their first DSLR.   I love my Canon cameras. I’ve owned two 40Ds, a 1D MkIIn, and now make my images with a 7D, the best one I’ve owned yet! I’ve gone through lenses like most people change underwear. Various Canon “L” lenses, too many to… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through My Eyes

The world as I see it changes throughout the seasons and my ever-changing photographic moods. Through my lens, here is some of what I see.   Brilliant sunrises along the rocky coast. * * * The quiet solitude of a stream cascading through golden autumn forests. * * * Frigid winter sunsets overlooking coastal New Hampshire… Read More